Synod Youth Board of the Northest Synod of Wisconsin
!Meet your Synod Youth Board
​The Synod Youth Board is comprised of high school youth from all over our synod who have  a passion for the future of the church!  The board meets about 5 times in a year to plan Godstock and Christ Jam.  Each conference of the Northwest Synod of Wisconsin has an opportunity to nominate and elect representatives at the Godstock youth gathering in November. If you know of any high school youth who would have interest in serving on the board, bring him or her to Godstock!​​
"Don't let anyone look down on you because you are young, but set an example for the believers in speech, in life, in love, in faith, and in purity."​​​​

1 Timothy 4:12​​​​

Conferences & Representatives

Ted Kyle, 2-Year Representative
Paula Davis, Adult Representative
Riley Runnels, 2-Year Representative
Liz Bowman, Adult Representative
Lydia Chafer, 2-Year Representative
Emilie Springsteen, 2-Year Representative
Kyra Vinz, 1-Year Alternate Representative
Jen Flottum, Adult Representative
Katie Davidson, 2-Year Representative
Kenzie Collins, 1-Year Alternate
Christine Pommerening, Definitely-Abled Representative
Melissa Davidson, Adult Representative
Sarah Pommerening, Alternate Adult Representative
Sadie Gramling, 2-year Representative
Jazmyn Albrecht, 1-Year Alternate
MaryAnn Strangl, 2-Year Representative
Karter Rueth, 2-Year Representative
Craig ___, Adult Representative
Kim Vrana, Adult Alternate Representative
no current representation
Above is a map of the Northwest Synod of Wisconsin. Within it you can see how the conferences are divided. Can you figure out what conference you are in? When you've done that, take a look at the list and see who represents you on the Synod Youth Board!
Maddy LoRusso, President
Ingrid Lyberg, Vice President
Kayleigh Carotenueto, Seceretary
Carole De Jardin, Synod Youth Coordinator

Sarah Buchli, Synod Council Nominee
Savannah Small, Synod Council Nominee
___, Multi-Cultural Representative
Tyler __, Definitely-Abled Representative
Josh Toufar, Board Chaplain
Alyssa Engedal, Communications
Kim Vrana, Treasurer

Join The Board

At Godstock, all high school youth who are active members of an ELCA congregation have the opportunity to be elected to the Synod Youth Board. The Board is comprised of youth who are driven to be leaders and ministers to their peers. Both Godstock and Christ Jam are completely planned and and put on by youth!

Friday night of Godstock with with gather for Caucuses--a time where peers nominate and elect each other for positions on the SYB. Lead by current representatives, any youth can nominate another to be on The Board. Then, each church will have two votes to choose their representatives. Sound confusing? Don't worry; we'll walk you through it! 

Each of the seven conferences (see map above to find yours) has the following representatives: 2 two-year youth representatives, 1 one-year youth alternative representative, 1 one-year adult representative, and 1 one-year adult alternative representatvie. That's 3 youth and 2 adults at any time!

In addition to conference representatives, there is also the Executive Board, which are youth who apply and are accepted for the following positions, all of which are two-year terms: Secretary, Definitely-Abled, Multi-Cultural, and Vice President (who becomes President in his/her second year). Click a position listed below to read job descriptions and application!



The Vice President assists the President in running meetings and in leading the board members during planning times. After one year, the VP becomes the sitting President of the Synod Youth Board. You must fill out an application and attend the Convo during the first workshop at Godstock where voting takes place.
The Secretary takes notes and meeting minutes at every board meeting during the year. Duties also include record-keeping and consistent communication with the rest of the board regarding upcoming meetings and action items. 
Secretary Job Description & Application
Vice President Job Description & Application



The Multi-Cultural Representative serves on the synod youth board as n active, voting member, and who also represents an ethnic or racial minority, or whose native language is not English.
The Definitely-Abled Representative serves on the synod youth board as an active, voting member, and also has a physical
​and/or cognitive disability. 
Multi-Cultural Representative
Definitely-Abled Job Description & Application